While Others Sleep, Next Year in Jerusalem, Rumors, Where The Best Began, The Circumstances, First Stone, Stoned Too, Stone Cold Christmas, The Saguaro Murders, There is a Season

There is a Season

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276 pages

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The pursuit of dark secrets hidden for decades beckons Special Agent Doc Martini and journalist Ann Rand to the exotic tropics of Vietnam.   Terrifying memories of the savage battlefields in the highlands return when Doc is arrested and accused of being a spy.  Murky intelligence agents emerge from the shadows to assure that at all costs the secrets never see the light of day.


About L. D. Bergsgaard

L.D. Bergsgaard is a retired Special Agent with unique experiences adding a rare dimension to the crime story genre.

“There are many authors who dream of being cops.  Few do. There are many cops who strive to write.  Few can.



The American-made M26 grenade left Binh Dang’s fist at precisely 1800 hours according to the gloved hands on the Mickey Mouse clock conspicuously hanging behind the steel and glass bar at the Les Deux Dragon, a popular G.I. hangout nestled in a pedestrian alley between Saigon’s Independence Hall and Central Market. The grenade’s safety pin fell to Dang’s bare feet and the striker lever followed the round explosive maybe ten feet before falling to the polished stone floor. Incongruously, that small clink of the metal lever landing on the cold stone turned the heads of the six American Marines seated at a large glass and chrome table located at the twelve o’clock from the open doorway where Binh Dang had stood a mere second earlier. The sunlight blazed through the entrance and like tracer bullets pierced the dimly lit smoked-filled room. To the closest Marine, the approaching grenade appeared as if a slow moving comet was about to descend from the heavens and devour the earth.


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