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About L. D. Bergsgaard

“There are writers who aspire to be cops and there are cops who would like to become writers. Rarely is either successful at both. If he was as good at law enforcement as he is at writing, Bergsgaard would appear to be the exception.” 

Bill Henry, Author

L. D. Bergsgaard was indeed a good investigator, a hardnosed cop’s cop who spent nearly 30 years putting the evil men behind bars. His career spanned most every aspect of law enforcement from protection details to undercover operations, from sophisticated international crimes to SWAT commander. Few agents are so fortunate to participate in crime fighting at this level.

Since retiring, Bergsgaard has written five novels and each reflects the gritty experiences and gut-wrenching action others only read about. When asked how he learned to write, Bergsgaard recalls that as an agent he wrote thousands of reports documenting crimes of passion, madness, and greed for three decades. “It’s a pleasure to write similar stories only now I determine the outcome and can polish off those who get in the way!”

Bergsgaard’s crime/action novels have received high acclaim from readers and critics. “This novel elevates Bergsgaard to the level of the great espionage writers the likes of John Le Carre and Fredrick Forsyth.” Ned Lord, Book Editor of Green Valley News of Next Year in Jerusalem.

When asked who he aspires to write like, Bergsgaard quickly replies, “No one. Why write a book mimicking another author? Hell, I could just read their book.”

A “Renaissance Man … undercover operative, SWAT team commander, horseman, and author. Add’em up and you get Larry Bergsgaard. His unique writing style has a hint of Jack Kerouac melded with Stephen King, but it’s all Larry.” Scott Dyke, Reporter, Green Valley News.

Had Mr. Dyke known of Bergsgaard’s latest written series, the Pelican Lake Chronicles, he may have added another comment suggesting Bergsgaard’s writing talents are not limited to the crime genre. Coming out this winter, Bergsgaard will launch the first in that series with a novel entitled First Stone, an entertaining cozy mystery starring a Lutheran minister, Kathy Johnson, as she plots with her fellow clergy to stifle a few outrageously troublesome parishioners.

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