While Others Sleep, Next Year in Jerusalem, Rumors, Where The Best Began, The Circumstances, First Stone, Stoned Too, Stone Cold Christmas, The Saguaro Murders, There is a Season


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On the exotic Caribbean Island of Roatán, Special Agent ‘Doc’ Martini must choose between rescuing his abducted lover, Dr. Jennifer Gold, and saving his mistress; a career he loves more dearly than life itself. Will Doc step into the dark side forsaking his own moral code and free the murderer he had put into prison years earlier. Whom can he trust to help with this seemingly impossible scheme that travels from the Caribbean Islands to the pristine lakes of Minnesota to the hostile Sonoran Desert ruled by vicious drug lords?


About L. D. Bergsgaard

L. D. Bergsgaard was indeed a good investigator, a hardnosed cop’s cop who spent nearly 30 years putting the evil men behind bars. His career spanned most every aspect of law enforcement



To my left, the rifle barrels pointed at my face appeared larger than the sun silhouetting the two armed uniformed men. To my right, Jenny looked at me through the diving mask, her eyes, large and helpless, pled for an answer – from me. I had none.

“Come aboard, please join us.” A third man in a pale blue guayabera shirt spoke in a manner that suggested an invitation albeit at gun point. With the graciousness of a genteel host, he gestured towards the aluminum ladder banging against the side of the rocking boat. A Honduran flag flew stiffly on the mast behind the straw hat which partially concealed his face. That hat and the preposterously large sunglasses made him look like a cartoon character drawn by a street artist on Fisherman’s Wharf. It occurred to me that I should know him but I didn’t or at least under these unpleasant circumstances couldn’t put a name on the shaded face.


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