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The Saguaro Murders

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408 pages

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One, two, then three young women are found crucified on the arms of majestic saguaro cacti in Arizona’s lonely and harsh Sonoran Desert. The clock is ticking on Deputy Angel Lopez to hunt down the killer before he strikes again. And have no doubt; he will strike again and again. The politically ambitious sheriff pushes Lopez to join a task force led by an inept and lazy senior deputy, a jealous FBI profiler whose sexual peccadillos lean to the bizarre, and the profiler’s ex-wife, also an agent, who is drowning her sorrows in a bottle and romancing the handsome Lopez.


About L. D. Bergsgaard

“There are writers who aspire to be cops and there are cops who would like to become writers. Rarely is either successful at both. If he was as good at law enforcement as he is at writing, Bergsgaard would appear to be the exception.” Bill Henry, Author.



Her milky eyes stared into the sun setting across the vast arid valley. Hoping to see an image of her killer, I reluctantly peered into them. That would be the best clue the scene would grudgingly yield — that is besides a few footprints the hikers who discovered the body had left to taint my crime scene. Two cigarette butts, snuffed out by a boot lay at the foot of the cactus. They were bagged. From the rock strewn desert floor, I studied her face some twenty feet overhead. While hideous to view now, she might have been pretty, very much Mexican, likely from the southern regions as she bore the strong handsome features of Mayan or Yucatec indigenous people. Her mouth hung open like an idle ventriloquist’s dummy and had become a favored site for a few dozen buzzing flies. A spider had already spun a web across her lips and snared an insect. The murder victim was suspended on the saguaro cactus long enough for nature to begin the reclamation process. The medical examiner would render an opinion on the length of time. I estimated over a week although the scorching and unrelenting Arizona sun could make it difficult to arrive at an accurate time of death. In the underbrush, in the shade, near moisture, the body would deteriorate at a rate differently than one hung on a thirty-foot saguaro cactus.


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